What is TeachersPro?

TeachersPro is an innovative online platform created by and for teaching professionals aimed at transforming and developing teaching skills through learning challenges.


Based on your interests and needs, TeachersPro suggests personalised development itineraries through learning challenges. Each challenge approaches teaching skills using state-of-the-art methods to ensure success in the classroom.


TeachersPro aims to empower effective teaching taking into consideration each teacher’s requirements and needs. The ultimate goal is to develop each teaching competency to improve the teacher’s skills in day-to-day classroom situations.

How does TeachersPro work?

With TeachersPro you will improve your teaching skills and competencies via learning challenges.


Discover the best learning itinerary for your professional development based on your interests and skills. A personalised analysis test ensures that TeachersPro suggests the best learning itinerary for developing and improving your teaching.


Follow your learning itinerary through the TeachersPro challenges that include more than 1,000 hours of pedagogical content and real-world examples. These will give you the knowledge and skills you need for successful professional development.


Share your expertise and best practices with a global community of like-minded teaching professionals. You can use the TeachersPro community to ask for support and show off your ideas, enabling peer learning.


TeachersPro certifies the acquired know-how through a badge system. If desired, once you have finished a development itinerary you can obtain a professional certification not only from TeachersPro but also from recognised international institutions.